Una introducción a la programación en Emacs Lisp

Emacs Lisp Cover

That's the first book edited. The book translation to spanish has been done by Libremanuals. It's a paradigmatic book for the (emacs-es) commuty where spaniard people has done translation commitments or readings of the book to become better users and programmers.

In the world of programming there are 2 families: wolves and lambs. The lamb languages are academical languages with mathematical beauty, apropiated to the teaching and/or the researching; Haskell, Scheme and Modula are examples. The wolve languages are for industry, to earn money; PHP, C and Java are so. Emacs Lisp is a wolve with a lamb skin, use the scientific beautyfull to add productivity to the programmer and augment his salary.

The author is Robert J. Chassell, with a Richard M. Stallman preface. Robert J Chassell is a member founder of the Free Software Foundation and a great speaker abot Free Software. Richard M. Stallman is the GNU and FSF founder, he's the GNU Emacs author, too.

You can order from Ediciones Fantasma and Traficantes de Sueños.

You can request improvements to the book from Savannah

ISBN: 978-84-608-5935-2
Number of pages: 265